The 2015 Shine Talks

Rise and Shine and Be!

~ Anne Ohman

Letting Go of your "control"...

Walking Into & Living In Beautiful Trust...

Following Their Shining Joy!

Walking Together: 
Seeing the World through Your Child’s Eyes

~ Pam Laricchia

Unschooling challenges us to rethink our relationships with our children. When we toss the conventional assumptions about children—that they need to be forced to learn, that they will avoid hard work whenever possible, that they are destined to rebel in the teen years etc—we don’t just leave behind a vacuum of chaos. What may seem like the wild west of parenting to others, is really about developing strong and connected relationships with our children as we walk together through our days. And that starts with meeting them where they are today, and seeing their world through their eyes.

Choosing Connection

~ Anna Brown

I’ve come to believe that connection is integral to living our best lives. I’ve found connecting with the people in my life to be my greatest work here and it has been critically important to our unschooling lives. I’m going to talk about connection, what it looks like, barriers and how to flip them around, sharing examples and ideas.  Then together we will explore what can stop us from connecting and why and how to move towards more authentic connections in our everyday lives.

Resources for Our Loving Revolution

~ Amy Carpenter Leugs

Respecting children fully is one of the most radical acts we can perform in today's world:  It can look so small and yet the impact on the world is enormous.  Join me to share some of our resources for the revolutionary work we do in our families.  Through personal stories, I'll talk about ways to heal our past trauma and use our spiritual creativity in our day-to-day lives.  We have transformative resources all around us and within us.  By digging into those resources, we can partner even more deeply and more naturally with our children as they live and learn.  

The Invitation to Yes

~ Helgi Townsend

Every moment, we breathe. Every moment we choose how we will show up to life as it arises. Will we choose resistance or will we accept the invitation to living YES?  When we can see the invitation before us, we can remember that the choice is ours. Living this amazing Unschooling life with our families is a uniquely exquisite opportunity to step into presence. Presence is yes. Let's break it down, look at our lives and our relationships through the lens of the invitation to YES.