The Shining Creed ~ Policies & Guidelines

Creed ~ Guiding Principle.
The word Creed comes from credere: to Believe, Trust, Entrust…

We at We Shine like that. A lot.

This Shining Gathering of members of the Shine with Unschooling list exists so that we can be gloriously immersed in a real-life unschooling community in order to form a deeper connection with our families, with each other, and within ourSelves.

We gather with those who understand the depth and breadth of what unschooling means, and also with those who are newer to this glorious path, but are drawn to walking in its direction. We also Trust that those who gather together truly understand what it means to allow our children to Shine by celebrating them for being exactly Who They Are.

While it is True that unschooling is a gift for the entire family, it begins, in our hearts and minds, as a gift for our children. Therefore, this is the first and most important guideline of this Shine Conference:

We Gather For *and* WITH the Children.

We joyfully gather to deepen our connections with our children, even as we, ourselves, expand our own circle of friends in our unschooling community.

Our gathering presents opportunities for us to grow, learn, inspire and be inspired, question, examine and have our worlds expanded in numerous and various ways. While many or most of these opportunities will be gloriously rewarding, joyful and fulfilling, some will be challenging. In our *We Shine* community, we will remember to rise to challenges, stay mindful of and Present for our children and support each other. We focus on and honor our parental responsibility and connection with our children, as well as active involvement in the cultivation of a positive, enriching, supportive and loving unschooling community.

For this is how we ALL Shine.

Policies & Guidelines ~

1. This conference is closed to the radical unschooling members of the Shine with Unschooling community ONLY ~ and being a limited space conference, priority will be given to those who have been members for more than 3 months at the opening of registration.  If there is space still available, consideration will be given to those who have not been members of Shine with Unschooling for as long.

2. In attending the conference, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of our host venue.

3.  It is important that those who are attending are not confusing unschooling with unparenting.

Unschooling means incredibly INVOLVED parenting! Unschooling means that we parents have the glorious job of being students of our children…deeply knowing them, and knowing best how to allow them to Shine. We are here to assist them through life, navigating the waters with them...the joyful ones and the challenging ones. We are blessed that our children get to live in and be a part of the real world, and so it is our job and our privilege to help them navigate that real world.

We would like to continue to gather in the spirit of We Shine...therefore, we would like to ask you (and thank you in advance for doing so) to be aware of what your children are doing, HOW they are doing, how they are interacting with others. We trust that you will share the information with them that will help them to decide (with your guidance) what is appropriate and what may not be appropriate.  We trust that you will assist them in finding things that allow them to Shine and you will be by their sides as they follow that path of Joy. 

4. Our conference talks are recorded and will be free to conference attendees.  While it is really wonderful to hear the talks live and connect with others in that way, if your children are needing you, then you will be able to hear the talks via the download after the conference. The children are the first priority, as you know.

5. All who attend must pre-register for the conference.  No walk-ins will be accepted.  You will be given pre-made name tags and they must be worn at all times in order to identify yourself as being a paid attendee of the conference.

6.  For the well-being of all of our conference attendees, We Shine reserves the right to ask anyone disrupting the flow of our conference to leave at any time.  THANKFULLY, this has never happened and I continue to Trust that it never will have to happen...

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