The Extras ~ Workshops, Meet-Ups & Other Offerings

New information will be added as it is received.  This is what we have thus far for 2015 ~

Shining Book Club

The book we will be discussing for We Shine 2015 is...

I selected this book for our first book club because of Amanda Palmer's incredible TED talk, which I quoted several times in my Shine Chat of 2013 called *Claiming Our Space.*  That Shine Chat proved to be extremely valuable for SO many people and I was thrilled when I saw that she published a book on the entire idea... THIS is the discussion that I would love to have again, with Amanda's thoughts/feelings sparking your own, but, of course, first allowing space for YOU to take it in your *own* direction.

So if you have your own book, highlight and dog-ear and post-it-note on the parts you would love to discuss... If you are borrowing a book (see below), take NOTES somewhere and bring them along because we're going to have SOME FUN here!

*****In the spirit of Asking and Offering and Giving and Receiving... we have a Shining *Send it Forward* program in place... if you would like to attend the Book Club and do not feel you can buy the book, please let us know.  We have people OFFERING to buy/lend the book and when members are finished reading it, they will Send it Forward!  See our We Shine Yahoo list for more details or to post your own *Ask* for a book or your own *Offer* a book!*****

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
with David Newman

Please join us in this important, informal and confidential gathering of Dads where we offer each other discussion and support in an open chat forum.  Come and ask questions and share stories while we seek and give inspiration in a safe and contributory setting.   

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Rod Puppet Play
with Jen Armstrong

Let’s make rod puppets! 

Rod puppets are simple, yet expressive puppets that are fun for all ages. I’ve assisted ages two to me (whatever age you guess that to be) in making rod puppets. I will provide the parts and you provide the imagination. 

It can be fun to interview rod puppets, tell stories with them, unleash your inner super-powered dog spy (above right) and so forth. 

I would love to have a small, portable “curtain thing” that kids can use as a puppet stage if they want to craft a puppet play. The rods are somewhat thin, but I will have larger rods available for hands that might need a bit more to grip. 

I invite you to check your crafty stashes and bring along any fun stickers, fat quarters of cloth (clothing), wacky yarns (hair) or anything else you think might be fun to use in designing a puppet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Busy Hands Gather
with Heidi Case

aka Casual Craft time!!  

Let's simply hang out, visit, and share trade secrets while our hands are busy, working on a project (or not).  Draw, paint, knit, carve, paint your nails, or twiddle your thumbs! Paper and pencils will be provided. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Happy Scents!
Make and Take your own Cabin or Car Air Freshener
with Mara Rest 

When a deer seeks shelter under a spruce tree in the winter, they not only receive the protection of the low branches, but also the soothing and regenerating scents emanating from the bark and needles. 
Essential oils are one way plants and animals communicate with each other, and they have a lot to say to us as well.
Experience hands-on some of nature's most uplifting, calming, energizing and spiritual scents with genuine essential oils from across the globe.
Also learn about some basics of what they are and how they are made, safety and general usage.
Each person will get to choose their favorite scent and take a homemade air freshener back to their cabin, tent or car. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
with Deborah Donndelinger

Cribbage is one of our family favorites, with its very satisfying combinatuon of luck and skill.   

In this workshop, experienced players can play each other and we will introduce newcomers to how it all works.   

If you have a cribbage board please bring.  I will have enough boards and cards for 10 players. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Minecraft Potions
with Helgi Townsend

In this crafty workshop we will be creating our very own Minecraft Potions. Using candy, craft supplies and a little magic, we will assemble take-home potions of harming, night vision, love, poison, or regeneration. You decide which potion to make, or create your own unique potion color and name. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dolls in Medieval Times
with Quinn Chase-Salerno

Bring any doll and make crafts and treats from medieval times, like crowns, drinks, and swords, and beaded jewelry for our dolls. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Jazz Dance!
with Laurie Wolfrum

photo courtesy of

Basic jazz technique will be introduced. We'll begin with warm-ups, isolation exercises and stretching followed by runs, leaps, jumps, turns and other movement combinations.  We'll finish with a center combination that will encourage you to dance and have fun!  Please wear clothing that allows you to move. Jazz shoes or socks with grips recommended.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Otaku Tuesday and Cosplay MeetUP
with Veronica Carter  and  Lilie Lim

Join us at the Yogi Bear Theater for conversation and fun about all things manga and anime!  Whether you are obsessed with reading manga and watching anime, or you draw and create your own characters, or you have always been curious to learn more about the vast array of anime available, we welcome you.  Bring your questions, bring your art, bring your favorite manga, bring your opinions, bring your friends!  Oh – and bring your appetite - we’ll have Japanese snacks to share (but not tacos!)  
Cosplaying is normally when you dress up and roleplay as a character you have an eye for, sometimes it can even be fur-suits, robots, dragons, etc. Cosplaying is something some people have a passion for, like me and thousands of other people. If you desire to know any tips and tricks for Cosplay and or your favorite character, please ask me. Costumes and makeup are encouraged.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ball Hockey
with Greg Van Riel and Michael Van Riel-Pointer

Come and play like it’s the Stanley Cup!!  Minus the fighting, slashing, cross checking etc.  We’re just going to have some fun.  Also it won’t be on ICE.  Please bring sticks if you have them.  We will provide some sticks too so come out and join us!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All Things Pokemon Meet-Up 
with Ben Newman

Come one, come all to the Pokemon meetup of the century! TCGs, Games, and even just general Pokemon memorabilia are all welcome! Battle, trade, discuss strategies, and anything else with other Pokemon enthusiasts!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

YuGiOh Card Game Meet-Up 
with Nathan and Xander

New and experienced players welcome ~ bring your own cards... we will have a couple of decks put together if you don't have cards, but want to learn how to play!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~